Keeping up with the Markarians

In January, I was flown to Los Angeles to capture what was to be an epic Armenian celebration. Guests had flown in from as far as Dubai and Iran to attend this opulent event!

Linda and Carlo have known each other since they were just children. Fate would bring them together years later as they tied the knot on a beautiful, sunny California day.

My morning started as some of my other weddings have in the past. I look out the window to a dark grey sky and it was pouring rain! The rain was coming down so hard in fact, that I had to pull my rental car right up to the door to load my gear! But alas, my no-rain streak still stands. As I arrived at the groom’s house, the rain had completely stopped and blue skies were starting to peek through the scary clouds.

The fun started at the Grooms house in Burbank with eating, drinking and dancing. From here the party was moved about two blocks away to where the bride’s home was. The dancing and partying continued for a while longer as I captured the various Armenian traditions. I managed to get some solo shots of the bride next to a window with the California sun creating beautiful highlights on her hair and dress.

From here it was off to the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), a beautiful university campus that provided some great backdrops for their formal photos. The light at this time of day was starting to fade, but we managed to capture tons of great images in the two hours we had on the campus.

From there it was off to St. Mary’s Armenian Church in Glendale. The high ceilings and large chandeliers made for some great shots during the ceremony. Armenian tradition requires the couple to face the altar for the majority of the ceremony, but as you see below, I always manage to get my shot.

After the ceremony, it was time to head over to the Armenian Society of Los Angeles, a beautiful event venue with a gorgeous entranceway and staircase. Everything on the day was organized and decorated by “Especially for You” Event Consulting and they did a spectacular job! ( The party continued until after 2:00am and as you see below, I even joined in on some of the fun, strapped with all of my gear!

Congrats Linda and Carlo! I’ll see you guys in Dubai!

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