Maria & Nick

Because of a wedding that I will be shooting in Los Angeles in January, I will not be able to capture Maria and Nick’s nuptials. They still wanted me to be the one to shoot their engagement photos, so we headed out on a beautiful fall day in early November. We started at one of my favorite spots for engagement photos, the Evergreen Brickworks. The main artery of traffic connecting the north and south parts of Toronto is called the Don Valley Parkway and is literally only a few hundred feet away from this gorgeous location. You would never think that such a beautiful spot sits only a stone’s throw from the cause of most of the commuter’s headaches in Toronto.

Maria’s dry humour and Nick’s laid back demeanour made them a great couple to work with! I did not once have to try to make them smile. They were naturals in their element and at times it felt as though I was invisible to them. I just captured natural moments as they enjoyed the sunny November day.

Our second location was Osgoode Hall at Queen and university, right in the heart of the city. The stunning Heritage building and the bright blue sky created a perfect backdrop for some funky wide angle shots.

It looks like they are going to take my recommendation and head to Thailand for their honeymoon as I have given them the itinerary that I followed both times I have been there.

Congratulations guys! I wish I could be here for your wedding.


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