The Gateway to the Orient

It seems like every time I write a new article, I am starting with an apology for the length of time since my last one. Let’s change things up a bit this time and skip that!

This summer has been the busiest season for me yet. Ever since I arrived home from Asia it has been a madhouse. I have so many amazing images and great stories to share from my month abroad, but I have had no time to sort images, let alone put my ideas into words!

As I relax in my suite in the Dominican, finally done shooting, I have found some time to write the second part of my Asia excursion.

It was not my first time in Hong Kong, but it is a destination which you could visit ten times and not do the same thing twice. There is so much to do and see!

Since it was my third time here, I decided to try and experience the city like a local. I visited local markets, ate at local restaurants and got a real taste of the city this time.

Of course no visit to Hong Kong is complete without a visit to the peak or a ride on the Star Ferry across the harbour. I could also not resist the shopping and I actually had to ship a crate home with my purchases so I didn’t have to lug them through all of southeast Asia!

Enjoy the images, more are coming…

Local Markets

Sad Reality

School Bound

Nathan Road

Police on Patrol

The Peninsula Hotel

Daily Life

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour at Night

Up Up and Away to the Peak

View from the Peak on a foggy day

The longest escalator on Earth

Beautiful Hong Kong

The Road to Stanley is paved with Exotic Cars

Shopping in Stanley Market

Mile-High Architecture

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